Monday, 1 April 2013


WORLD WAR Z , the silver screen adaptation of a comic book of the same nameis Hollywood’s new foray into the always money green world of The Walking Dead concept.
Starring Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a United Nations Employee on the quest to find out how to save the world from a Zombie Epidemic.
What really scares me about this movie is the nature of the Zombies, they are not the sleepy, slow, uncoordinated creatures that walks straight into your Katana head first, NOPE, this #MDFKRS are as fast as lightning and look consciously evil.

I saw that once before in the 28 Days franchise and I really hoped I didn’t have to see it again.
Zombies, are not meant to run, jump, pile up on one another to overcame an obstacle, chase you and or think. Living Humans, everyday, do that.
Let our Zombies be Zombies and keep on being the slow motioned, dumb creatures we love to decapitate every now and then when out on a food run.

World War Z opens on June 21st 2013