Sunday, 31 March 2013



There will be Blood....


...and this is what makes TWD the hugely successful show that it has became, you never know what’s next and your expectations are rarely met.
For the season finale, everybody was expecting a bloodbath, bullets through the roof, the mother of all Katana fights, but nothing of that materialised.
Instead we had a mildly violent show,  at times demure. Andrea is gone, #Rip, she was tricky to like and had a death wish  anyway, so is Milton, and that’s a loss, i think he could have adjusted pretty well on #TeamPrison, I’m hoping in a replacement “know it all” dude in season 4, but hey, someone had to bite the dust, I am just glad it wasn’t any of my favourite characters.
My two new favourites; Tyreese and Sasha, are now back on #TEAMPRISON, why do I like them? 1, she is Hot, 2, they are siblings and that dynamic works well in the show. I suspect they will get more screen time in S4.

Daryl is still going strong, Michonne is heartbroken but she’ll be ok and my favourite bucket of endless wisdom, Bible Samurai Hershel, is pissed off at Carl, but unscathed.

Talking about Carl, I was shocked when he shot that kid, but if you look at it from another perspective, in a World riddled with Zombies and stone cold Killers, when someone that killed his own mother tells you to drop your weapon, you Do Not Dwell, you just do it.
Carl: “Drop your Gun Now!!!”
Other Dude: “OK”....{drop}
That’s it!! 

Woodberry is no more, all the remaining survivors, mainly women and children, have relocated to the Prison and The Governor, that smoking pile of ******* is now defeated and in the wind, who knows if we will see him again, I hope we do, just long enough to give him the gift of bullet.
I hate that guy even tough, I must admit, he is a great character. The sad thing is that the World if full of real life people like him deceiving, lying, manipulative, two faced backstabbers.
One of the secrets of The Walking Dead, maybe the most valuable, is that, the team behind it, really, closely, carefully listens to what the audience has to say, if, God forbid, anything had happened to Daryl the show would have been a wrap, Digital Riot, burned AMC flags everywhere : ), he is the one character that is really not expendable. #DARYLROCKS.
The other thing that sets TWD apart is the sheer reality of the emotional and physical situations depicted and the lack of gratuitous sex scenes, yes they fool around, but in a realistic way, in a way that you would, if you’d find yourself in that universe of pain, sorrow, loss, dirt and hopelessness.
Now let’s wait and see what Season 4 will bring us. The return of the Governor? Blissfull community building and crop harvesting in the safety of the prison’s fences? A brand new Villain? Chuck Norris? Who knows!!

In the meantime, Hollywood, always the caring provider of visual dope, Zombiewise, has already coming our way Brad Pitt’s vehicle “World War Z”  and the BBC started to air “In The Flesh”, a three part Zombie Drama that looks promising.
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