Sunday, 31 March 2013




#LadyGaGa celebrated her Birthday on Thursday, dining with her beau, Taylor Kinney at Chicago's Spiaggia Restaurant.
This time she swapped her Gold Chariot with a more demure and couturish, monogrammed, Luis Vuitton one. Looks nice, but I prefer the former, looks more comfortable.
It was, it appears, an understated affair, no giant clocks nor rabbits in guepieres. Just dinner. I am a touch, just  a little, disappointed.
Taylor Kinney, last seen in “ZeroDark Thirty”, is now starring in “Chicago Fire” and Gaga relocated to the windy city to stay closer to him while recovering.
I wasn’t surprised at all when news broke that she suffered a Labral tear and had to undergo surgery, and I’m sure it wasn’t a big surprise for anyone that saw her performing Live anywhere in the World, jumping up and down the stage perpetrating night in and night out punishing and elaborated dance routines, that require constant rehersals, plus singing, and the occasional tumble off a piano stool.
The life of Powerhouse Entertainers the calibre of GaGa, might be a privileged one, with all the wealth and trinkets that comes with the package, but it’s not a slacker one, it’s punishing on the body and on the soul and sometimes fate, bestows upon them, a quantum of chill at the right moment. The universe knows when.
According to Vincent Herbert, her manager,
Quote: “She is Doing Unbelievable and I can’t wait for the World to hear her music and see her come back healthy, strong and better than ever” :Unquote.
Personally; i am not one bit in a hurry to see Lady GaGa back on any stage to perform or otherwise, until she has fully recovered and back on her feet with a vengeance, I hope she doesn’t cave in to peer pressure and to the public expectations and rush things up.
Health comes first and even if it’s going to take much more time than expected to hear from her again, so be it, she’s only human.
Despite her injuries #MAMAMONSTER hasn’t been sitting idly. She is currently working on her new Album #ARTPOP alongside collaborating with Legendary musician Tony Bennett on a yet untitled Jazz Album.
I would actually call the album “Yet Untitled” it has a nice ring to it.