Wednesday, 20 March 2013



"The Chinese Girl" is a Beautiful Oil on Canvas Painting from the 50's by Russian Artist Vladimir Tretchikoff.
In the 60's and 70's it became the World's most popular and best selling painting turned into prints and  secured a prominent and permanent place for itself in #PoPCULTURE and can be spotted in Monty Python's Tv Series and both Alfred Hitchckock's  and Mick Jagger's Movies.

Most recently can be spotted adorning David Bowie's Living Room in the Music Video for the Stars are Out Tonight, and I strongly suggest the Album.

Also Known as "The Green Lady", due to that peculiar Emerald Glow used in painting the face.

#TRIVIA The Artist claimed all the way to his last breath that this version is not the Original one, but indeed a second effort, with a different model, the then 17 years old Monika Sing-Leeafter the first one was destroyed in a robbery in Tretchikoff studio in South Africa.

The Painting was purchased today at Bonhams Auction House in London,  by British Jeweller Laurence Graff for a #Cool $1.5 Millions and I really mean it when I say that It should have been sold for much more, well, the economic crisis reaches everywhere I suppose.

But not all it's lost, the Beautiful and Mysterious "Green Lady" can be admired in all her glory in the Second Oldest European settlement in South Africa, in the Town of Stellenbosch, where it will go on Permanent Public Display.

Tretchikoff died in Cape Town, South Africa the 26th of August of 2006 aged 92 after a long and fulfilling career, both financially and artistically. Self Taught was Crowned The King Of Kitsch, he was immensely loved by the public but less by the critics, to which I say;"Who Cares"!! I personally #LOVE every single one of his paintings and like me many others. Power to the Masses.
The then 17 years old model Monika Sing-Lee, now Monika Pon now in her 70's. In the 90's she reunited with the Artist who's fame and fortune she 
contributed to build

Vladimir and Monika reunited in the 90's after 40 years, in Vladimir's home in South Africa.