Wednesday, 20 March 2013



Today,March 20th 2013 marks the 150th year of activity of the London Underground, the greatest Underground Transport System in the World or as friends and family call her: THE TUBE.

I didn't say the Best, the most technologically advance, the largest, the better looking, Nope, I said The Greatest because that's what she is, a beautiful, graciously ageing Dame.

#ATOUCHOFHISTORY The First passenger Journey on the London Underground was made on the 9th of January 1863 From Paddington Station in West London to Farrington Station
The Lenght of the Journey was a mere 3 and a half Miles but it was the beginning of something Great.

The success of the London Underground was immediate, reaching in the first six months the mark of 26.000 passengers a day and that number was inexorably going to increase year after year.

Today the  London Underground carries and connects millions of people, visiting from all over the world or residents, from one side to the other of the Great City that is London. You can land at Heathrow, Stansted or London City and be in Central London in a jiff. East, West, North and South are all at easy reach and this marvellous infrastructure really is the pulsating heart of a Great Metropolis such as London.

To commemorate the Event the Royal family; armed with their Oyster Card, was out in full force with The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, The Duchess Of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton+#ROYALBABY all available to shake hands, take pictures and have an overall lovely day.

In addition this was the First outing of the Queen on an Official engagement after suffering from Gastroenteritis and now back in full form.

After all, a woman that has been The Queen of England for 61 years, went through a World War and ...Harry ; ) , survived her Corgis and is known for, riding Horses and driving Land Rovers through swamps, shooting at things and all the dramas that a Royal Family and a Country to Run entails won't be stopped by some Puny disease only humans get. Way to go Nana!! #HIGHLANDER

For the occasion The Royal Mail issued a STAMP SET
and a 1892 Metropolitan Railway Carriage was restored and inspected by the Queen.
Well, that's all Folks, for more informations on L'Histoire du l'Underground or to buy various mementos you can visit
LONDON UNDERGROUND'S GREATEST DESIGNS an Exibition running from the 15th of February until the 27th of October