Friday, 15 March 2013


#GoodShows #BANSHEE

Like all good things, also Banshee had to run it's course, fortunately only until 2014 when
Season 2 will air.

#Banshee came at a time when I was wondering if and when my beloved Strike Back was coming back into my life and all of a sudden along came this dude with all his drama luggage and repressed anger and Tv started to make sense again.

I was only disappointed once, in the first episode, in the chase scene that looked straight out of a Bruckheimer movie, with flipped buses and stuff, but we did kiss and make up since then.

The casting is spot on, from Antony Starr to Miss Milicevic, her Psycho father Ben Cross and Frankie Faison, BUT, the real revelations for me are and will always be as far as Banshee is concerned, in this precise order:

 The Fabulous, The Badass & The LoLa
  • Hoon Lee Job
  • Ulrich Thomsen Procter
  • Lili Simmons Rebecca and her sexy Diastema

They brought to the show that little Je ne Sais Quoi that made it impossible to miss a single episode and I particularly grew fond of Job, such a beautiful and multifaceted character, hope he gets more on screen time in Season 2. Hoon Lee is a real revelation, JOB should get a spin off.

My gratitude goes to @Cinemax for creating theese parallel worlds, so far away but yet so close, always entertaining, thrilling, well researched and world wise.

We'll have now to wait for their #NewShow; Sandbox to see if they managed to do it again.

Now, as Job would Say; "I'm Gone B***** $" : )
Thank you all for following my Blog.