Thursday, 14 March 2013

#TheWalkingDead + #CharlieSheen + #LadyGaGa

#GoodTvShows The Walking Dead

There really isn't a good way to give a bad news, so my dear TWD fans, here's the dirt: Only 3 itty bitty Episodes left to the season finale of TWD, ain't that a horrible piece of information!?!

TWD, originally created in it’s original #COMICBOOK form by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlar and Tony Moore achieved immediate success as soon as the first frame of the Tv series developed by Frank Darabont, hit screens all over the world, the welcome was immediate, relentless and viral.

We watched the characters die, turn or morph and grow; Glenn is no longer the kid speeding on an empty highway, Carl..well Carl..poor boy…Darren and his crossbow are now part of the group even tough that idiot brother of his, Merle, is still causing trouble wherever he lands.

T-Dog went out like a real hero, Shane finally got that bullet coming at him since day one and Lori joined him few episodes down the line, plus few more bit the dust, #RiP.

Good things always come in a package and #Sexy Katana chick Michonne is Kicking Zombie ass like a #BAWSS while looking #sexy, in a very savage and primordial way, we #Love her…and her lips..ok, I digress.

I am not a big fan of Rick, can’t really say why and the thing that annoys me the most is that he is too important for the show to get chewed by walkers.

Fortunately Hershel survived, and I will be be forever grateful for that, hint to writers: Do Not Touch HIm!

So much #Awesomness, so little time..literally, why are the episodes so short? We need answers!

Anyway, we are now down to three episodes:
  • Prey - March 17th 
  • This Sorrowful Life - March 24th and
  • Welcome To The Tombs - March 31st
And I really hope, with all my little vengeful heart, that THAT #KMT The Governor dies in the most horrible of ways ,he doesn’t deserve any better.

In case you don't already have it, below you can get the complete

Goes Batsh**** against his daughter's school for reasons that I will extensively investigate later...Not.
Spotted riding dirty on a 24K Gold Wheelchair in New York recovering from hip surgery. 
#GaGapic courtesy of Terry Richardson @Terry_World