Friday, 15 March 2013


#Newsflash @LilTunechi Hospitalized

Today @TMZ reported that Lil Wayne @LilTunechi was found unconscious by his security staff following a series of seizures and was rushed and hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles where he now lays, dangling between Life and Death in a state of induced coma due to the persistent seizures he suffered. In addition @TMZ reported that he was being read his last rites and that he overdosed on the homemade narcotic drink Sizzurp. The inside source providing informations to @TMZ is still unknown.




UPDATESome of the most controversial Tweets have been deleted by @TMZ.

The unexpected and quite frankly shocking News set Twitter on fire making Lil Wayne trend in no time and flooding timelines with a vast array of predominantly bad news and predictions but in reality there are very few verified Hard Facts.

  • LiL Wayne, was indeed hospitalized following seizures as confirmed to the New York Daily News via an Official Statement by Cash Money publicist Kia Shelby

" He is not in critical condition. He is recovering and doing well now. He appreciates everyone's concern. But he is Okay."
  • Lil Wayne is still alive as confirmed by some of his closest friends, family and collaborators via the following stream of



  • Lil Wayne apparently went on a Sizzurp binge leading to an overdose, to which @Mediatakeout added that the Sizzurp in question was an off the street Bootlegg version of the real thing laced with Anti Freeze to prolong the high.

  • Lil Wayne is on his deathbed is receiving his last rites. According to @Mediatakeout the @TMZ  mole inside the Young Money Camp, the one that Leaked the deathbed rumors is none others than....#FreeInterpretation
  • Lil Wayne’s mother flying in to bid farewell and to decide weather or not interrupt assisted living. Always @TMZ

But, at this time still only whispers through the digital grapevine.

Finally @21:28

This Tweet was delivered from Lil Waynes Official Twitter Account @LilTunechi reassuring all concerned and, only for the moment, squashing all rumors.

UPDATE, (via @RapUp )
SATURDAY @20:00: