Saturday, 31 May 2014


"The Devil's Dominion"

When I first read about Crossbones I was less than impressed and my first tought was: "Do we really need another Pirate Drama", after all in recent years we had our fill of Prates, Thanx Jhonny Depp, and  Black Sails was more than satisfactory in my eyes, then I focused my attention on "Starring John Malkovich" and I immediately decided that I wouldn't be able to live without it, top marks for coherence!!

In a Nutshell, the story revolves around one Thomas Loewe, some sort of Imperial Secret Agent posing as a Ship Physician , in charge of defending at all cost a revolutionary Prototype of a Navigation Device and it's inventor Mr.Nightingale during a Journey from Jamaica to London by way of Bahamas on the HMS Petrel.

 In 1715, diabolical pirate Edward Teach aka Blackbeard; rules a group of outlaws and miscreant sailors on the Bahamian island of New Providence. 

Twist; the device and it's inventor are in reality used as bait to attract the attention of infamous Pirate, Commodore Blackbeard,boring civilian name "Edward Teach" #Bleah,  played masterfully by Mr.Malkovich and the final Goal is to kill him and rid the British Empire of a Royal pain in the arse. For Queen and Country.

"Blackbeard lives, and he will come for this chronometer, and when he does, you will execute him" #YeahRight

There are few similarities with Black Sails, well, there are Pirates #Duh, same brand of good looking cast, kick ass female characters with French Accents and killer looks, few weirdos here and there (can't wrap myself around that guy with the big ears and the huge Hammer) and of course the Charismatic yet borderline mad Captain (read;Commodore) and his brilliant counterpart.

The general atmosphere and surrounding is more polished as opposed to Black Sails grittier rendition of pirate life, but the main similarity thus far is the freakishly evolved photographic memory of the leading characters, I have trouble remembering my own name at times, let alone memorize complicated  pieces of information in few seconds while someone is trying to kill me.

Mr Tom Loewe is an instantly likable character, and the reason is quite simple, he is a combination of James Bond, Gadgets and all, John Rambo and McGiver, there is also a hint of "The Name of the Rose" watch the show and you'll get the point.

BTW; Balckbead is Bisexual

Black Sails Premiered Yesterday, Friday the 30th of May and will air Every Friday at 10/9c on NBC.