Friday, 26 September 2014

Emma Watson's Nude Leaks Threat An Elaborate Hoax/Rantic Website HACKED


The threat to release stolen Nude Photos of British actress Emma Watson turned out to be an  elaborate PR STUNT by a company called Rantic, allegedly notorious for generating huge internet traffic using less than orthodox methods.
The hoax was exposed at first by a collective of angry hackers that conducted an in depth investigation that included cross referencing all the social media footprint left by the Pr Company plus other methods that are best left to one's imagination.
Sherlock Holmes got squat on these dudes.

It's safe to say that is best not to play around with these guys feelings.

The collective, that congregates on 4chan, was bitter for Rantic's alleged attempt to shut down 4chan and they felt they had the duty to defend their home turf.
And defend it they did, not only they exposed the whole scheme in a matter of hours, but few hours ago they hacked Rantic's Website and replace it with a dancing banana complete with soundtrack, See for yourself