Friday, 1 August 2014

Orlando Bloom Throws Punch At Justin Bieber [VIDEO] + What Really Happened + Stephen Colbert Commentary


What We Know: Orlando Bloom Was At Ibiza Top Shelf Eatery "Cipriani" enjoying the company of Pals Leonardo Di Caprio and many others, including Diddy and Paris Hilton, when Justin Bieber Walked in.

Bieber first exchanged words with Leonardo Di Caprio, apparently Leo wasn't interested in what he was saying and he brushed him off.
What happened afterwards is unclear, bystanders have it that Justin Bieber bumped on purpose on Orlando Bloom and then started talking reckless about Miranda Kerr at that point ORLANDO went BLOOOM and Wham, He got Punched. The Jab, Lucky for Bieber, was partially diverted by his Bodyguard.
Justin left straightaway and the whole room applauded Lord Bloom for His bravery. I will Now Start A Petition to have him Knighted.

The root of all the Drama seems to be Miranda Kerr's Alleged brief fling with Justin Bieber while still married to Orlando Bloom and subsequently Orlando Bloom Hooking up with Selena Gomez. All these claims are denied by the respective lawyers and the ladies declined to comment. #TheLoveSquare

Lucky for us, the One And Only Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to explain the celeb kerfuffle.

To top it all off, Her Majesty The Grumpy Cat, Upon hearing of the incident released the following Royal STATEMENT