Thursday, 3 July 2014

Texas Cheerleader Pastime Of Choice; Hunting Endangered Wildlife in a Sad And Misguided Quest For Fame

Meet Kendall Jones, The 19 Years Old Killer Cheerleader

Kendall Jones, Born in Cleburne/Texas, a 19 year old Marketing and Sports Therapy Sophomore Student at Texas Tech in Lubbok, sparked the outrage of the whole Web for posting pictures of the carcasses of the Endangered Wildlife she Killed during her many hunting trips to South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Kendall, in her abstract little privileged world, considers herself a Humanitarian and an Animalist, claiming that she helps control the Wildlife population and with the meat harvested from her biggest kills *Read Elephant* feeds an entire African Village...she really is a sad excuse for a human being and  utterly patronizing too.

She also claims that she taped all of her hunts and that her own Reality Show will air next year, good luck with that.....#TheWebIsWatching

But How Much does a Hunting Trip to South Africa Costs, well, I did a little bit of researching and getting quotes and this is the result.

Pricing breakdown for the Big 5 *Lion, Elephant, White Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard

  • Male White Lion $ 30/35.000
  • Male Lion $ 25/30.000
  • Female Lion $ 8/10.000
  • Cape Buffalo $ 15/20.000
  • Leopard $ 50/60.000
  • White Rhino $ 70/80.000
All Prices are not inclusive of travel and expenses.

Money really is the root of all evil, if Miss Jones really wanted to help Africa instead of killing it's almost extinct animals she could have given all that money to charity, the Red Cross is only one click away, but I guess that wouldn't  have quenched her Psychotic need for Blood and Attention.

If you wish to Sign the Change.Org Petition to Prevent her from ever entering any African Country again CLICK HERE

If you Wish to see the Pictures of all the Innocent animals she slaughtered CLICK HERE *Warning* Disturbing.