Saturday, 24 May 2014



"I Am wearing a wire, I have sharp shooters on roofs in neighbouring houses with lines of sight to all the windows" ...Yeah right...Jack...

"When the moment comes will you do what needs to be done?"

This season finale almost proved to be too much for my devoted  #Fannibal heart. I was glad that, more or less,  my predictions in my previous post materialized.


The fight between Hannibal and Jack was real but Jack survived by locking himself in the pantry and mainly thanks to Alana's intervention, unfortunately the poor thing was indeed the one to fly out of the window in the Promo, but it wasn't Hannibal that pushed her, wait for was Abigail Hobbs, that was #WTMF moment number one.

 Apparently Hannibal kept her alive and well, minus one ear, as some sort of cadeau for Will but Will screwed the surprise up and she ended up getting  a Mushroom picking knife to the throat, right after Hannibal gutted Will with the same knife while whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

To recap; Will, Jack, Alana and Abigail are all down and bleeding profusely and we won't know until Season 3 who will survive, well, we do know..

Mr Graham, Jack and Alana for sure, Abigail I have my doubts, maybe she'll end up in coma if the emergency services manage to catch her in time. I can't help but think that he didn't finish them off on purpose, after all he grew quite fond of all of them.

"Jeu D'orange, Eau, Champagne"
"Je Voudrais Champagne S'il Vous Plait, Mercy" -Yes...he speaks French too..-

The last we see of Hannibal is him sitting confortably on an Air France Business Class in the company of....#WTMF moment number 2, Dr Bedelia Du MAurier, at that my brain practically exploded, did they plan this whole thing togheter all along or did he force her hand? Questions Questions!!

:My thoughts on the matter of  Hannibal's "Escape":

Even tough according to the source material, it would make more sense for Hannibal to escape in incognito to Europe I don't think that's what happened.

From a purely bureaucratic point of view Hannibal is actually a victim in this whole scenario. 
:Allow me to elaborate:

  • Jack Crawford at the time of the facts, was in Forced Compassionate Leave from the FBI, stripped of Service Gun and Badge and with an Arrest Warrant on his head for trying to frame Dr.Lecter.

  • Will Graham was himself a subjected of FBI's attention by way of an Arrest Warrant for "Acting as Accessory to Entrapment and for Murder of Randall Tier " (As if that knob didn't deserve it).

  • The bigwigs at the FBI are all forced to believe that Dr.Lecter is a victim of Entrapment and to some extent Abuse of Power at the hand of Jack Crawford and everything that happened in the house can be boiled down to Self Defence, add to that the fact that he was unarmed, in his own home while Jack Crawford was not only armed with a firearm but also showed up announced and with clear intentions.

  • He couldn't arrest him because he didn't have the authority to do so, therefore he was clearly here to end him with the aid of Will Graham and maybe Alana Bloom, who, by the way, was carrying a firearm herself, maybe registered to Will Graham, maybe not.

  • As for Abigail Hobbs, given that her ear resided once upon a time in Will Graham's belly a point could be made that she was held captive by Will Graham and maybe freed by Hannibal Lecter. With her now deceased or brain dead the truth will forever be lost in the blood.
:My Point:

It is highly unlikely if not impossible that Hannibal Lecter, WANTED Serial Killer, looking EXACTLY like he does every single day of the week, not even a touch o beard or a haircut, could ever be able to board any type of moving object not even Bin Laden Airways, let alone a legitimate International Airliner with a Business Class.


Even if he boarded the plane straight away with his shirt still soaked in blood the Bolo would have been out the moment the emergency services arrived.

Not in this day an age, with Face Recognition, Interpool and Social Media. Simply not possible nor realistic, and for a show with such an ardent attention to details an unforgivable Faux Pas.

I believe that Dr.Lecter boarded that plane as a free man and with the apologies of the FBI, yes it can be argued that Hopkins's Lecter boarded a plane Himself, minus one hand but that was 2001 and back then we Neanderthals didn't have #TWITTER.

Now, until we see each other again my Dear Hannibal,  it's time for me to find a new addiction, and I am lucky enough to have the best pushers in the World, the Entertainment Industry and with Season 2 of Ray Donovan just round the corner and CSI:CYBER, and CROSSBONES at spitting distance I think I'll be just fine.

Another promising New Show is Gang Related, in a nutshell,The Departed on steroids. The pilot was promising, I hope they keep it up, the curse of Prison Break is always looming, I dream about unseeing the final season.