Friday, 23 May 2014



"A Trap is set for Hannibal"

Unfortunately we are almost there, Hannibal's Season Finale is Upon us and the web is awash with speculations on who is going to die this time around.

Episode One offered us a glimpse of things to come but I think and hope, that Jack Crawford doesn't die and  I doubt he will, he is too charismatic and crucial to the show to be written off, my theory is that the fight scene is merely one of Will's forecasting of events like he did with #Mason's attempt to murder #Hannibal and even if the fight does indeed happen, Jack will survive, I have little doubt about it.

I think that the unfolding of events will see Will Graham very badly injured, Alana Bloom probably dead or badly injured after shooting Hannibal , I say left arm, (she is probably the one darting out of the window in the teaser trailer), same fate for Jack Crawford and Hannibal on the run. Will he offer some boiled human brain to an curios kid on plane? Time will tell!

"Look Up in the Sky it's a Bird? it's a Plane?"' a Shrink!!

I suspect there is a Plane involved because of #IMDB's entry for #Mizumono of #JassicaMalka as "French Air Stewardess".

One thing for sure, this season finale will offer no closure at all, we will all be left wondering and counting the days to Season Three in which Clarice Starling MUST appear #JustSaying

Well, that's all for now, to kill time check out Hannibal's Celebrity Kitchen on
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