Friday, 2 May 2014



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Janice Poon, the Amazing Food #Stylist behind our favourite Serial Killer hinted that we are all in for a HUGE #WTF moment when we see what Will brought Hannibal to Cook.

I lit my candles to Mother Mary of Psycholand and been praying ever since that the next key ingredient won't be Buster, Will's dog that got injured in Episode 9.

I won't care much if Will had one of his own kidneys removed to have it cooked by Hannibal, I don't even like Will that much, but thinking about Dog Roast makes me feel queasy, even tough... it would be an interesting novelty dish and... if #Buster dies of his injuries...well....nothing should be wasted right??

A message for Mr #BryanFuller: Please Sir, Lord of #Hanniblandia, no more #Sex Scenes, takes time away from cooking and as #Fannibals, that's really all we wait all week to see and start mourning and wearing dark veils by the time is Season Finale.

Needles to add that #Hannibal should never ever see the inside of a prison cell, not at least until season 10 and just in a nightmare.

We'll see, I can't wait.

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UPDATE: #Buster is still alive, Woof Woof my brother, on the other hand Fredricka Lounds aka Freddie Lounds, that nosey #Blogger, has apparently taken residence down Hannibal and Will Graham's belly. I say "apparently" because I don't believe Will  killed her, I sense this is all a plot concocted with #Jack Crawford to make #Hannibal feel comfortable and reel him in.

"You Hook 'em, I land 'em"
(...You Wish..)

Btw. Note to Production: In that opening scene from Episode 9, Jack and Will are fishing on ice in a subzero environment, very very cold, they are both wrapped up cosy but no condensed vapour out of their mouths or nostrils when they talk or breathe...tut...tut...details details people.

Coming back to Miss Lounds, she is probably stashed somewhere on Fbi's dime until something happens.

On that note I don't believe even in #DrChilton's  death, makes  much more sense for him to be alive, maybe in  a coma, his spineless, slimy, wimpy presence is definitely entertaining.

In this Episode we also made the acquaintance with one Mason Verger, a cunt of epic proportions and Margot Verger's Paedophile, Sadistic and hopefully, soon to be #Hannibalized,  brother, nice tie in with the source material, can't wait to see him meet his faith.