Thursday, 18 July 2013


“How a Popular, Promising Student, Was Failed by His Family, Fell Into Radical Islam and Became A Monster“ -Rolling Stone-

#RollingStone is being bitterly criticised for putting the surviving #BostonBomber , #Tsarnaev on this month's cover, but on the other hand, the Boston Marathon Bombers have been on the covers of every single magazine cover since committing that heinous act.
So, my question is: "Why all the fuss?", The article is not glorifiyng at all, it simply chronicles the descent of a young and clearly misguided and gullible soul into the raging flames of a Radicalised Inferno.

What could have been a promise became a dead end, what could have became a Life, turned into a Limbo.
I see it more like an act of Public Service that used a negative role model to catalyze the attention of a key audience.

Now; is the #RollingStone cover Controversial? YES it is, but is it worth talking too much about it? I Don't think so, after all Charles Manson and Roman Polanski had their covers too, but back then there was less fuss made, maybe because in that era content prevailed over packaging.

Young People of the World, read the article, understand it's contents, Be nobody's slave, #LOVE should be your one and only religion, stay away from all that is negative and hurtful in your life, embrace the light, cherish your freedom, live, love, travel, eat and fuck to your hearts contents and when you're done, tell your story, pour out a little liquor to those that didn't make it and pity those that tried to take away your Freedom and failed.