Wednesday, 1 May 2013




Chris Kelly, one half of '90's Hip Hop duo Kris Kross, discovered by Jermaine Dupri, was found unconscious at his home in Atlanta, Georgia at around 1pm.

The 34 Years old artist, was then pronounced dead on Wednesday at 5:00Pm at the Atlanta Medical Centre, the causes are not yet known but a Drug Overdose might be to blame. The Autopsy Report is still pending.

Chris Kelly aka Mac Daddy, was one half of 90's Rap Duo Kris Kross alongside Chris Smith aka Daddy Mac. They were discovered by a very young and virtually unknown Jermaine Dupri while at a shopping mall.


The encounter led to the duo being signed to Ruffhouse Records and the release of their first Album "Totally Crossed Out", the album sold over 4 million copies, spawned the mega hit "Jump" and stayed for 8 weeks on top of Billboard Top 100 and on Heavy Rotation on the Mtv Video Charts.


At only 13, they were the talk of the town and got featured on Michael Jackson's Jam Video alongside Michael Jordan and went on the Dangerous World Tour with him.


In the following years they released two more albums: "Da Bomb", Platinum, and "Young Rich and Dangerous", Gold.
Kris Kross parted ways after the release of the third album and tried to develop solo careers with little success. Not much is known about Chris Kelly's private life or what he did in the years following Kris Kross's split, he is said to have been studying to become a Studio Engineer.


They briefly reunited this year for the 20th Anniversary of So So Def in what turned out to be the last time they performed together.

With their rampant youth, all over the board appeal, the fair skinned kid and the dark one, distinctive style of wearing their clothes backwards and undeniable talent, they took the World by Storm and in very little time.


Right after the release of the Jump Video, the whole World danced to the beats and rhymes of Kris Kross and they provided the soundtrack to the best years of the life's of many and contributed to the Success of Jermaine Dupri as an artist and label Owner.There would be no So So Def Records without Kris Kross.

Dear Chris...Good Speed and thank you for the #Music