Saturday, 13 April 2013




Yesterday, I received a Tweet from Russell Simmons @UncleRush directing me to an open Letter written by his collaborator @MichaelSkolnik, the editor in chief of @GlobalGrind.

I didn’t have the time to read the article, I just scrolled through the first page, picking up keywords here and there and all I could think was #WTF is wrong with this dude? Indict Jay Z?…#WTVRMAN, I then saved the article and finally got to it Today.

I was ready to vent all my dissent at Mr Skolnik’s views, how dare you go against Hov and Bey? They didn’t do anything wrong..Helms Whatever #Act? Trading with the enemy? What are we? 1980’s Moscow?? Bush’s Waterbording regime?Ridiculous!!! They should revoke @russelSimmons #COOLCATSTATUS just for supporting this. 

" I am embarassed to admit that,the above, was my actual Stream of consciousness, Mea Culpa"

Then I read the article, the FULL Article, and I realised that there is a little whorish, judgemental politician in all of us. One that judges without being fully informed and just talks for the sake of having a mouth somewhere close to his chin.

I do apologise Mr Skolnik, your open letter was spot on and provocative in the right spots. #iSUPPORT.

Beyonce and Jay Z have been in recent days in the limelight for their Cuba trip organised by AAA=Academic Arrangements Abroad, that lasted four days and brought us all back to 1963.

Some have criticised the pair for visiting a country that is an enemy of the United States, personally I think those are utterly ridiculous claims.

The Cuban Government is the enemy, the Government, Not the People and Jay Z and Beyonce are two private individuals, they are not diplomats or emissaries, they are two individuals on holiday.

Unfortunately politicians and the like, never do the basic exercise of thinking before barking out nonsense, if they did think, they would have realised that this trip held so much more punch in United States favour than any planned government manoeuvre.

The Carters are the embodiment of the American Dream, they are rich, famous, accomplished, beautiful (Beyonce), talented, they made it against all odds, through discipline and hard work.

They are America’s poster couple, maybe more than Barack and Michelle, and the biggest blow a dictatorship like Cuba can suffer, is exposing the same youth, the same population they are trying to keep mentally and physically enslaved to a walking and talking embodiment of all the freedoms they are being denied.

Beyonce has become such an #ICON that she is now virtually colourless, she transcended that, she is Beyonce. Girls of all colours and walks of life want to be her, dream of being her, love her.

Jay Z is a Tycoon, a master lyricist, top dog rapper,  he braved the streets, he paid his dues, then he didn’t have much, now he has everything. They are what every single kid, black, white or polka dotted, rich or poor,  dreams to become, and they walked down Cuba’s streets, talked with people, visited schools and hung out with local artists, showed their mortal, life-sized form, became a shiny palpable entity in a country with a grim reality.

I don’t know for sure, but I am certain that Cuba’s government doesn’t favour having too much sunlight through the bubble. It might burst.

So, as Mr Skolnik said, Sue Beyonce and Jay, get them to pay the $50K, stir up public opinion with hearings and interviews and public displays of dissent at their apparent lack of patriotism.

After all there are no other pressing issues to deal with at the moment, everybody is fed and happy and wealthy, is not like Kim Jong Un is threatening to nuke the World, or barely legal teenagers can buy Semi auto rifles and exterminate whole schools, nor the economy is in tatters or Human rights are not being respected when it comes to gay people, not at all, thank God we can just concentrate on some petty nonsense to kill time. #GETREAL

Mr Carter can spare the money and might also give you a tip and the Cuban people can do with the spotlight.