Thursday, 18 April 2013



More tragedies plague the United States #StayStrong

In the early hours of Wednesday Evening, at 7:50 pm,  a massive explosion blasted the West Fertiliser Plant in the small town of West, near Waco, Texas, that reverberated 50 miles away injuring hundreds and levelling the whole surrounding area, obliterating the nearby Nursing Home and School.

50 to 75 the homes damaged, one apartment building levelled to the ground and the body count is constantly on the rise. The first victims were members of the Fire Department that entered the plant to investigate a fire.

The blast, was so powerful that generated a Sismic Event of 2.1 on The Richter Scale. In a Press Conference, the authorities identified the site as a Crime Scene until the exact causes of the blast are brought to light.

Authorities fear that the cloud of Anhydrous Ammonia, a very dangerous chemical, could cause further damage.

Rescue efforts are hindered by a rainstorm approaching the region with gusty winds and copious raining predicted. On the bright side the rain will put off the fire and the winds dispel the dangerous chemicals hanging in the ir at the moment.

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