Sunday, 17 March 2013


Traditions are very important and no tradition is more fun, gathering,international, prone to savage hangovers,than St Patrick's Day,of course Santa Clause will always be Heavyweight King when it comes to festivities,but St Patty is the Soul of the party and shares the  title with Carnival.

Faithful to tradition, St Patty has been celebrated all over the world, Seas of Beer have been drank, streets littered, Parades enjoyed, thousands of Shamrock themed items sold, the occasional house pet dyed green alongside, Just for the occasion, with 70 World landmarks including amongst many others, in no particular order: 
The Niagra Falls,The Piramids and the Sphynx,The White House Fountain,The leaning Tower of Pisa and adjoining Duomo,The Hudson River,The Burj Al Arab in Dubai,The beautiful London Eye,Selfridges in Manchester, The Las Vegas Welcome sign, and,
last but not least, Sir Richard Branson Ruler of the Kingdom of Necker Island, and all around cool dude, here in the company of  his children
Beautiful Duchess Kate Middleton Looked very pretty in her regimental green Coat, apparently recycled from last year, do we care? No we don't, it's actually proof that she is able to wisely run a household and that she will certainly be able to help run the country one day, well done William, a good catch she is!
-All that is now left to do is take care of that Hangover, wash the pets and patiently wait until next year to resume the Party, in the meantime #FOLLOW my awesome blog : ) and Peep Zè Pics-