Thursday, 28 March 2013




“My name is Lady GaGa, I’ve been on the Music Scene for years, and I’m telling you, THIS is what’s next”

“The Telltale Moozadell”, is the 2001 Episode of the #Sopranos in 

which we all saw for the first time in a minuscle role Nathalie Luise Germanotta. 
Nathalie came a long way from that tiny cameo, she is now Lady GaGa and Today, she turns 27.

#VogueJapan #joecalderone Steve Van Zandt Doppelgänger #EstreetBand

Lady GaGa is like a Chimera on Steroyds, with a thousand heads instead of only two.

She went from New York’s Underground Nightlife of Strip Joints and Burlesque Shows, smoke and beer, sweat and blood, Chinahighs and hangovers, to the top of the charts in few quick years and there is more to come.

But what makes GaGa so special is not as one might think, her polymorphism, mad hairpieces, meat dresses or the plethora of outrageous outfits she wears.
Not at all, she is not the first one to have an outrageous and colorful stage persona, many before her have been down that road, from Japanese Kabuki Theater to Grace Jones, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Cross Dressing, Transexual Cabaret scene, little known artists, outside of their own countries like Renato Zero, with 40 years of career on his shoulders, now number one on the Italian charts with his new album, to France’s Amanda Lear, or Earth Wind and Fire and George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic, Hell..the whole 70’s music scene for that matter, and a good part of the 80’s.

The point that i want to make is that she didn’t invent the colorful wheel she is now riding like a unicycle, and that’s not what makes her special.

What makes Lady GaGa special and sets her above and beyond any artist today is that she is a sum of everything that constitutes modern day society. She summarizes in her, everything! The 70’s, the 80’, the 60’s, Punk, Couture, New Wave, Pop Art, Rock, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Guns’n Roses, 80’ Glam, Peace signs and hoop rings, Polaroid pics and cassette players, Everything. Watching Lady Gaga is like watching a resume of the last 30 years of #PopHistory.

But, even that, is just a small part of Lady GaGa, what Really makes Miss GaGa the Worldwide Phenomenon that she is today is her Amazing, Staggering, Mesmerising Talent. Full Stop.


But, and there is always a but, the amazing thing she did was to show the World that you don’t have to be a towering beauty with perfect features to be Beautiful, to be Fabulous, to be Great, you just have to be YOU, that’s why she’s the #MamaMonster to millions of #LittleMonsters, her fans. She showed them that it’s ok to embrace who you are with no fear, to be Gay, to be a Lesbian, to be a Geek, to be Fat or Skinny, TO BE, Unapologetically, an INDIVIDUAL.

She is now recovering from a hip Surgery that forced her to cancel her Tour:Born This Way Ball and she is working with Cult photographer Terry Richardson on a Documentary about her life.

Her new album, #ARTPOP should hit the shelves this year, meanwhile, come June, we will see GaGa in "Machete Kills, Guillermo Del Toro's new Movie.

“Creativity is the Greatest form of Rebellion” #Lady Gaga by way of #OSHO