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❝...You see the Paper gon' come if not I'm Gon' GET IT, I gotta die wit' money 'cause I wasn't born wit 'it. It was 9-27-82 baby do Charity Hospital aka the City Zoo, no pity due to No One nobody not all man, They dropped us in the game and everybody's tryna ball. And the small hand'll touch ya, the large hand'll cut ya. But until that day I'll be a motherfuckin' stunna...❞ 

If need be to summarise LiL Wayne, there you have it in few bars sharp like razor blades.

When the general public thinks of people like Lil Wayne all they see is the shine, mouth full of diamonds, ,face full of tattoos, hands full of cash and stripper butts, the imagery that surrounds the man, but never the man himself.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, biological son of some Dwayne Carter Senior, an invisible father and 19 years old single mother Jacita Carter, a young woman like many others, struggling to raise herself and her son, the same son, that one day, will walk her up the isle on her Wedding Day. Life gives and takes, and must be said that Rabbit and Birdman have been good fatherly figures for young Weezy.

Lil Wayne realised soon and early that he had to hustle and hustle hard to be able to ride that dragon he came out of, and hustle he did.

At age 9 he signed to Birdman's Cash Money Records and before turning 18 he was two albums richer and by the time “The Block is Hot” went Platinum he was already a consummate professional
Even tough, by then, he was a Platinum and double Gold selling Artist, chances are nobody ever heard of Weezy outside of the United States until he got featured in the Destiny's Child single “Soldier” and appeared in the Video alongside T.I, until then, the streets have been listening, now the World was talking and "Tha Carter" paved the way to Lill Wayne’s path as a successful solo artist.

The kid with a way higher than average IQ, once enrolled in a School for Gifted Children, and stars in his eyes became a man.

He won Awards by the truckload, he beat Elvis on the Billboard charts, he lived, he learned how to skate, he loved, he went to jail, he came out, he fathered four children, he toured the World over and over, he sold tens of millions of records, he founded Young Money Entertainment, he almost died more than once, he discovered Nicki Minaj and gave Drake a shot at making music, signed 2 Chainz , and scored gold with a Rock Album "Rebirth".

Guinness Book Of World Records : Lil Wayne : Artist with Most Top 100 Hits Over the past 10 Years

Needless to say that behind the elaborate facade hides a shrewd and gifted businessman and an incredibly talented and visionary artist, a legitimate game changer now sitting on top of his self made Realm, he fought and got all he ever wanted from life but most importantly he is the father of four children, a good father, the father he himself never had and that, maybe, he hoped he had, and that’s where he will get what money really can’t buy, Real, Unbiased, Unadulterated Love.

Today, after recent health issues and media drama that spread like wildfire, comes out his new album

He recently hinted that “Tha Carter V” will be his last album and that he will then retire to concentrate on raising his kids.
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