Thursday, 21 March 2013


"The Secret of Life, Though, is to Fall Seven Times and To Get Up Eight Times"

Yityish Aynaw,in her relatively short life so far, must have done a lot of falling and standing up and her story if one of those that gives you hope in   the enchanting and unknown realm of ones faith.


A native of the historic Town of Gondar, in Northern Ethiopia, She found herself at the age of 12 orphaned of both parents and motherland ,in  a new country, with a different way of life to adapt to, a new language to learn. She had to reboot and restart and get on with life the best way she could, like all survivors must do.

The girl adjusted pretty well, she continued with her education, she served in the Israeli  Army like all of her peers in  her adoptive country of Israel and one day, fate had it, that a friend unbeknownst to her, decided to enter her in the competition for Miss Israel and the rest is  Life unfolding and becoming
#NOW almost 10 years down the line she is the Winner of the Miss Israel Beauty Contest, the First Black Female to be Crowned Queen  and last night,following a request by Obama himself to Israel's President, Shimon Peres, she dined with the President Of The United States, at the Official Gala held at the Residence of Peres, in Honour of Obama's visit to Israel
Well, the future is all yours Miss Aynaw, Mazel Tov, and I am sure you will make the most of it, is not only Beauty that I see when I look at you, but Lot's of heart, strenght and resilience.

The Little scared girl has indeed left the building.